posted May 24th, 2013

With the fresh-released "She's On Top" EP object close in the proverbial rear-view mirror as it is in real live, Sic Alps gallantly drop the first of three videos (Final Cut-style - ah, Pink Floyd - where's the ground you didn't cover first?!?) from their three-song 12"EP! Directed by William Francis-Bashore Keihn, "She's On Top" rollicks San Franciscan-style just as you'd hope - like a mysteriously-flavored treat! What's in this thing? How's that wonky homonoid doing that creepy-crawl? Where's the owner of that bashed-in television set (and why don't they love TV no more?)? Who's gal-pals is that, making those cameos? The all-analog scenery tilts against the sunny setting sky. Greased and grained with a serious body-buzz, just the way you wanna feel when ingesting Sic Alps. They're at it again - but wot's the it, and where's it at? Find out in the videos of the near-future mirror, or don't! Can't say what vivid kinda vids you're gonna get with the next installation of the "She's On Top" EP music video trilogy! Watch it, see ya!?

6/25/13 Freakout Club Bologna Italy
6/26/13 Lazzaretto Ancona Italy
6/27/13 Lo-Fi Milan Italy
6/28/13 Madame Moustache et Son Freakshow Brussels Belgium
6/29/13 Water Moulin Tournai Belgium
6/30/13 King Georg Cologne Germany
7/2/13 The Cluny Newcastle-Upon-Tyne United Kingdom
7/3/13 Harvest Sun Liverpool United Kingdom
7/4/13 The Lexington London United Kingdom
7/5/13 Kuudes Aisti Festival Helsinki Finland
7/6/13 Club von Krahl Tallinn Estonia
7/9/13 What We Do Is Secret Festival Stockholm Sweden
7/10/13 What We Do Is Secret Festival (Gothenburg) Gothenburg Sweden

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