The Lost Chapters of THE DRAG CITY NEWSLETTER MAY 2013!!!!!

posted May 29th, 2013

The following items were found to be missing shortly after the Drag City May Newsletter went live on Friday night. These two sections were a part of a larger vision of America that the Newsletter was meant to convey. If you read it and didn't feel one way or another about America, it's probably because these two chapter were missing. Don't blame the chapters for not making the final cut. It's not their fault that they were cut-and-not-pasted in the desperate final moments of editorial post-production. It's not the fault of the editing process or even the technology. This was a writing problem, pure and simple. If the thought of such problems disturbs you, try not to think of it.

Here, anyway, are the lost chapters of THE DRAG CITY NEWSLETTER MAY 2013!!!!!


June's a good month to get a fresh-frozen hunk of burning Trux back from the future for your listening ears to see. This time, Royal Trux explore and explode the territory we know as 'EP' with a three song version called none other than "Three-Song EP." No time to think, it's just an EP. And so, three songs of judiciously heavy Rock (hold the roll), nailed down one epic beat at a time. This record came at a high moment in Truxstory; having reconquered the world with the release of Accelerator and on their way over to Europe to tour for same, Royal Trux convened a studio meeting of individuals to test-drive the Euro-tour band. The tracks were laid down quick 'n thick, designed in part to extend the Accelerator vibe while at the same time, refuting same - thus allowing Royal Trux to continue their streak of never making two records in a row (or any records, really) that sounded the same. And so "Three Song EP" came into being, featuring Golden's Jon Theodore on drums, Aerial M's David Pajo on bass and yer author, Sunny Jim himself on words and vocals in addition to Neil and Jennifer "as" Royal Trux, of course. The jams kicked out allowed Neil to let loose with some extended guitar choogle that would only get more extended (where sound check covers of choice included a few deep Rush cuts ( just to shake the rusht off, hyuk!)), to the delight of everyone, everywhere. Great tour, great l'il EP. And now it's back! The only sorrow in re-issuing this sweet slab is that we're one step closer to the end of the golden road of Truxstory as it has been known for the last decadeish now. The good news is that the next record to be reissued is the one called Veterans of Disorder.


As we mentioned earlier, The Source Family has been sweeping across the nation like a good ol’ fashioned, all-American fad. The dance craze era is officially kaput, and that Harlem Shake proved it - that's not a dance, that's a Final Cut Pro sesh with a bunch of fatties shaking their poundage without an ounce of wit – but if it were the good old days, we’d have a mod Yod-dance happening outside the theatres, crossing the twist with some sun salutes and mountain poses and an achy-breaky shuffle or two. Source Family line dances! The possibilities, like the life of YaHoWa, are infinite. But back here on earth, we’re prolonging the life of the film after it’s mega-run of theater visitations with a bit of VOD availability, the inevitable shuck-n-jive of iTunes and – ol’ skool t’ th’ max! – the DVD. The DVD for The Source Family is very special, especially in terms of bonus features and added content – because it has none. Yeah! The whole process of editing the movie involved cutting a bunch of stuff because it was bringing the whole thing down – so why would we or anybody fuck up the home version with endless, boring extras that you’ll probably snooze on anyway? Is that why you get a DVD, to get the parts of it that aren’t the movie? DON’T ANSWER THAT, KIDS! Your “hey-brother, can you spare another one” scene doesn’t mesh well with Father’s teachings! A job of work is worth the price of admission – and whatever your free-fetish may be, we’re admitting to you that what you’re getting with the The Source Family DVD is The Source Family film, and that’s it. It was enough for the crowds that made it out to the movie because it is an awesome film. Don’t insult their intelligence – if you must curse the darkness, you can direction your derogations in our general direction And drop us a line when that makes you feel better. Karma, people! Jeez, get your Qi together….

Well, there you have the lost chapters of THE DRAG CITY MAY NEWSLETTER!!!!! They probably don't have the same impact because they're not sitting among the other pieces that they were meant to be with. You're a few days older as well, so that's also affecting things in ways we can't properly measure. Frankly, we won't know about how any of this plays out for some time now. That said, we thought it was interesting and for the best that we get everything out on the table - and now that we have, we're glad we did. Thanks for the part you've played in this as well. And now - on with the week!