posted May 31st, 2013

Big news from the BB camp! And since you're in Drag City town, that's Club Black Bananas, babies! No, we're not talking about a new record - there's that Volcom single and the "Rad Times" video featuring Playboy model May Anderson, but other than that, nothing to report from the Banana patch for the rest of 2013 anyway. Shit's still in the LAB, you know? What's out of the lab and leaping for the gallery wall is a bit of artwork from JJ Rox herself, head Banana Jennifer Herrema! She's a part of a group exhibition curated by Daniel Kingery at Kunsthalle Galapagos in Brooklyn-town! A native Illinoisian, Daniel's been rocking the scene in Berlin for the past decade, doing loads of exhibitions internationally and curating a bit too, there and there - but this is his first big American show It's called "On-Looking" and that's what it's about too (utilitarian title, that) and it runs from June 6th - July 14th, with live and on-film events designed to detonate at regular intervals throughout the run, emphasizing various aspects of the them. And who knows, if you make the opening, Jennifer might be there in the flesh, fascinating and terrifying you and everyone else in the room like she do. Those of us who saw her art at The New Museum last summer know how stimulating Jennifer is on the visual tip, so we're fucking looking on forward to "On-Looking!" If you're bent on checking it out too, make sure you're going on days when it's open to the public - check the invite, you proles!

And while you're at it, you can buy the Black Bananas/Tobacco split single right here - super wacked on both sides! There's only a few left of a limited run, so make your orders today - $8 postpaid domestic and subject to the gutting of international mail for the rest of you lot. But - Jennifer Herrema! Black Bananas! Rules.

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