posted June 13th, 2013

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy does it for you and he does it for all....but mostly, he does it for the children! He believes the children are our future - and if you think we're gonna argue with him and a dead r'n'b singer, you're dumber than our marketing department thinks you are! But enough about your bullshit! We've always dreamed of seeing a Muppetized version of our Bonny, though it's arguably more magic seeing the non-puppet original 'Prince' himself performing for a veritable romper room of an alternately rapt and rambunctious audience of young little creatures, especially when most of them are little human creatures. And so it was when Will Oldham visited Liberation Living Room to sing some songs with Liberation Prophecy, live on Louisville TV! In addition to some wild and brassy versions of a coupla your favorites fired from the Bonny cannon (trumpet solo intro to "I Am Goodbye," what?!), Will takes the time to look into the tiny souls of his audience (and finds them GOOD). In turn, he is called upon to answer some VERY personal questions from the audience. Dontcha wanna know what kind of pie he'd dive into if he was gonna dive into a giant one? The hairless answer may surprise you! Below's the whole show, but you can find individual songz in the side bar after the click.

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