posted July 24th, 2013

Alasdair Roberts struck out into the North American wilderness with his pals last week, entering the topsy turvy tour void like a Scot outta Loch. But no monster he, Alasdair is more like a joker or jester, a man costumed as a man who entertains, and one who's in demand, as seen in the new video for his song, "Scandal & Trance," from A Wonder Working Stone. Yes, the jester expresses all manners and emotion, connecting with the people, dogs and tramps of this green earth in the ways we need it - passionately, humorously, with anger and joy and all that juxtapositioned darkness and light you crave as an emotional little babe. The part Alasdair plays is readily available to us here and now, a gift from Caledonia with folk jams, trads, love and death ballads, as he traverses from city to city. It's a rare treat that we(e) scoundrels are blessed with the purity of Alasdair Roberts' guitar playing and song-writing so up close and personal; yet, it's truly all we need: all days will end in joy, they'll never end in evil - as long as you stick with Alasdair Roberts & Friends! Get a glimpse of it all in the video for "Scandal & Trance," then check the dates to see where you can really get yours, in the flesh!

7/24/13 Icehouse Minneapolis MN
7/26/13 Calgary Folk Festival Calgary Canada
7/27/13 Calgary Folk Festival Calgary Canada
7/28/13 Calgary Folk Festival Calgary Canada
7/29/13 West End Cultural Centre Winnipeg Canada
7/31/13 Millennium Stage - Kennedy Center Washington DC
8/1/13 Joe's Pub New York NY
8/13/13 The Admiral Bar Glasgow United Kingdom

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