posted August 12th, 2013

The rate at which the world speedily turns now means school days are approaching faster than you can say, "Wolfroy Goes To Town!" What happened to the dog days of summer (in the Southeast)? Well at the very least, you can take a bite out of knowing that soon you'll start doodling your favorite Bonnie 'Prince' Billy lyrics into your trusty trapper keeper. And what's more, there's a chance to see his majesty live and in the flesh this fall- perfect for alleviating the stress of all those lectures, not to mention peer pressures- as Bonny Billy hits the road, playing dates as lonely as the day he was born - solo. Yep, Le Bonne likes to collaborate, for sure- that's how he's spent most of his summer, out on the road with Dawn McCarthy, Cairo, and the gang, doing WTBS songs- but deep down, he's a wolf strayed from the pack, a creature of the night emoting our collected wants, wishes, dreams and nightmares into song, on the prowl. His night time energy protects you through those moments of uncertainty, where the days shorten and the sexting goes deep into the morning hours. The Pacific Northwest has ample wood and valley for such a thing, which is why it's where he'll be, to start. With Mount Eerie as support, the "Prince" tackles cities major and places minor. Later in the semester, as the leaves turn through October the northern shores of the eastern seaboard get similar Bonny treatment - solo performances with warm paw extended, to guide and to heal. Beyond that, the Midwest gets their due. Just be sure to proceed with caution - a paw comes equipped with claws, and for every set there are fangs lurking nearby. Catch Bonnie "Prince" Billy live this fall, lest he catch you, first!

9/4/13 Seasons Performance Hall Yakima WA w/Mount Eerie
9/5/13 Aladdin Theater Portland OR w/Mount Eerie
9/6/13 Aladdin Theater Portland OR w/Mount Eerie
9/7/13 Neptune Theatre Seattle WA w/Mount Eerie
10/10/13 One Longfellow Square Portland ME
10/11/13 Columbus Theatre Providence RI
10/12/13 Calvin Theatre Northampton MA
11/21/13 Ram's Head Onstage Baltimore MD
11/22/13 Gonda Theatre Washington DC
12/13/13 Majestic Theatre Madison WI
12/14/13 The Luminary Center for the Arts St. Louis MO
12/15/13 The Englert Theatre Iowa City IA

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