posted August 15th, 2013

We know you know chanteuse Sophia Knapp, whose magnificent solo debut, Into The Waves, rocked our big fat world, and whose enchanting live shows continue to shine when they pop up all across this country. But... do you know Sophia Aquarian? In this episode of WHAT IF?!?: DRAG CITY, we ponder, what if... Sophia Knapp traveled back in time and joined The Source Family? Surely she would've been a key member in the band, along with Djin, Octavius, and the rest - even Father himself. Her melodious vibes would've surely resonated with youngsters whenever they played live, and Family recruitment would've only been enhanced. Could she have prevented Father from taking his fateful hang glide, and would the Source Family therefore lived on, into the Reagan era and beyond? If so, eventually an updated version of The Source Family's Children Of The Sixth Root Race song, "Beggar" would've been created; here's how it sounds, freely downloadable:

Rocketing back to reality, we find this truly is a Sophia Knapp recording of "Beggar," but it doesn't have anything to do with the past, or time travel. No, it's from the clear, here-and-now present (or... is it?), as Sophia got together with AOP (from Sweden) to create this interstellar version of "Beggar," just in time to perform it live at the New York premiere events for The Source Family Documentary (they also teamed for Sophia's Record Store Day release, "Times Square"). Time sure is cyclical, mother-Fathers, enjoy the ride by freely downloading Sophia Knapp and AOP's "Beggar!"

Artists in this story: Sophia Knapp, The Source Family