posted September 5th, 2013

If you haven't heard Carol Kleyn yet, you're about to in ways you never thought you would! We've held her in the highest regard for many moons now, this being the third sequential year that ol' Drag City has re-unveiled the rare jewels of Carol's three-piece crown. This'n, it's called Return of the Silkie (due right about the now, September 17th!). Return of the ...wha? "Silkie" is the affectionate Scottish nickname for those beautiful barking sea-creatures we 'mericans adaptively call "Seals" - and in this meditative song cycle, Carol plays harp and sings, while real, live, humanely treated Silkies sing along! They stick to back-up vox mostly, providing atmospheric harmonies now and again. Carol was holding jam sessions with animals way before Peter Gabriel improv'd with Apes, you dig? The literal "nature vibes" of Silkie makes this the most haunting collection from Carol (yet!) - and quite a change after the Bobby Brown co-piloted soft-sounds of Takin' The Time or her debut, Love Has Made Me Stronger.

Plus, the Silkies remind us of something that the lyrics are on about as well - this earth needs our care and love if we want to keep loving on it! This message for humanity was a bit of a wilderness message when first released back in 1983 - but today, there's loads of us who agree with Carol and fear the Great Plastic Island in the Pacific (not to mention the radioactive plume set to wash our shores in 2014). So, an out-of-time but very message-on set of songs here. Plus, new centurians: each LP jacket comes from 1983 and they've all been freshly autographed! Like for real, not a photoshop job. Carol gives the goods to those looking to be addressed personally and kindly, and we're pleased to report that Return of the Silkie is just the type of off-beat pleasure you freak-fucked listeners crave! Have a listen to the free preview track, and preorder Carol Kleyn's Return of the Silkie, today!

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