posted September 9th, 2013

Here on the Earth's surface, it feels like a quiet year for Six Organs of Admittance. A handful of Italian shows back in the spring, but what then? A single show, curiously, at the Esoteric Book Conference this very week - we're certain Ben Chasny won't be paid in what you'd call money, at least by normal standards, so what, then? EBC seeks to showcase the talents of the world's leading esoteric and occult figures: does it remind us a little of this mysterious video, oddly circulating the web-nets in advance of the release of Six Organs' most recent, and most spacial LP, Ascent? Absolutely. All we can say with certainty is that everything regarding the current state of 6OOA remains unclear, save for the above image, which satellites of the Six Organs-ization clearly indicate is a system of sorts.

We must assume the system is a process by which the future of Six Organs' movements and recordings will be determined. But what, then? Perhaps this year isn't so quiet after all, but rather a type of wolf in sheep's clothing, slowly metamorphosing from man to beast. Our people are on the ground and in the air, hoping to decipher the system in advance of it's completion. Before then, it appears the best way to catch up with the doctrine of Mr. Chasny is by attending the Esoteric Books Conference, or by examining the detail of the new Six Organs of Admittance web site, or by interpreting the sounds of New Bums, a newly organized aural experience featuring Ben and Donovan Quinn who happen to be touring with Bill Callahan this fall. Regardless, we suggest keeping your senses about you, and remain aware not just of what's on the surface, but in the atmosphere lurking around it for more evidence and sign of the Six Organs system.

9/14/13 Esoteric Book Conference Seattle WA
Performing for Conference Goers - ONLY North American 6OOA SHOW OF 2013!
Northwest Rooms, Seattle Center

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