posted September 12th, 2013

For sure, we feel great joy in slinging the best of the Sun Ark label's latest swag on the reg: Sun Araw, mostly. Indeed, this month, we release the coveted On Patrol double LP to the world, back in print for the first time in several minutes. But as you reach down to snag one of them, you'll likely feel your hand magnetically seizing towards something else, something particularly curious - a big fat 2xLP from Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group! And celebrate, you shall: the recordings therein are brought to you by the current incarnation of the Sun Araw Band, featuring Cameron Stallones, M. Geddes Gengras, Butchy Fuego, and Tony Lowe. Together, the fearless foursome spent a week at The Worm, a multi-media cultural center with a world-class synthesizer studio in Rotterdam, Holland, celebrating music by having their ways (wicked and otherwise) with every synth in the room. Jamming about and laying it all down to 2-track tape, CMSG hog-tied four sides of exquisitely deep vibes like a boss tribe should - a veritable dutch-oven of completely baked synth-groove. Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group hits the street on Tuesday, September 17th!

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