posted September 16th, 2013

Hey, Austinites! Who's up for some quality time with your favorite local dreamboat, Bill Callahan? Yeah, Callahan's new albie, Dream River, is officially "out" tomorrow! So to celebrate, he's giving you an exclusive opportunity of a lifetime: on Sunday, September 22nd, cruise down Lady Bird's Lake with Bill and the band as they showboat the Dream River album in it's entirety live, and in concert for an elite group of 80 lucky schmucks. And you! Expertly timed to coincide with the magic hour, aka sunset -- breathe the freshest air in Austin on the top deck of a sweet boat in motion while the light- and your life- change forever.

Tickets for Bill Callahan's record release boat show are on sale now, ONLY at Waterloo Records and End of an Ear, and only if purchased in person! To be eligible to buy a ticket, you've gotta buy a copy of Dream River first - and only one ticket per customer, foo! Means you've got to pony up for 2 albums in addition to two tickets if you're buying with your significant other in mind! Ticket-holders, don't be late! The boat boards @ 6:30pm and departs at 7:00pm behind the Four Seasons Hotel Austin on Lady Bird Lake at 98 San Jacinto Blvd.

Only 80 tickets will be sold, so get yours today!

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