posted September 24th, 2013

Listen up, Drag City world-wide constituency! Later this fall, one of the bright lights in the pop sound of Asia, Eiko Ishibashi ascends from the dense Tokyo-landscape and into the ever-widening Drag City stable with the LP debut of her 2012 album release, Imitation of Life. If this record imitates life as we know it, then hot damn - things are sounding much more beautiful than the generally dike world agenda tonight lets on! A multi-instrumentalist making noise soft and harsh in the Japanese music scene for years, playing alongside the likes of Keiji Haino, Merzbow, Seiichi Yamamoto and countless others in addition to her own, Eiko Ishibashi's music has been widely praised by the Japanese press thus far - but Drag City's release of Imitation of Life marks the first chance for a broader international audience to join in poses of awe-struck listening, as we have already struck. And when we go worldwide, we expect the splash has got to be big, ya know? Like, can opener into watermelon big, dig?

Take this initial video for the song, "Resurrection." Marvel in its striking simplicity and subtle charms, deep and expanding, like the music itself. The trained eye would notice a familiar yet recently seldom-seen beardo in the background, strumming a guitar - and those trained eyes earn the right to claim, "holy shit, that's Jim O'Rourke!" Indeed, Jim's a central part of the Imitation of Life album's sound, playing and producing, all of which will be evident to the trained ear from the very first first listen. "Resurrection" is but a sampling of a the thick-yet-lite full-platter you'll get from Eiko Ishibashi come November 19th! Lucky locals, Eiko and her band, The Already Dead, hit Super Deluxe in Tokyo, November 22nd!

11/22/13 Super Deluxe Tokyo Japan Eiko Ishibashi and The Already Dead (Yamamoto Tatsuhisa, Sudo Toshiaki, Hatano Atsuko, Jim O'Rourke)

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