posted October 10th, 2013

It's not often a parent knowingly allows their child to join a cult outside the structure of their own family-style cult, but such is the case with Aquariana, who joined The Source Family as a teenager and went on to become one of Father Yod's 13 wives. Happily, it is clear that their spiritual path was where she was meant to be as well, first working her way around the The Source restaurant before landing into Father's loving arms. Aquariana was gifted in many ways, maybe none more so than through her voice: she was one of the key backup singers for Yahowha13 and other groupings of Family bands, and she played the Whiskey A Go Go on LA's Sunset Strip with the Spirit of '76 band. She was a writer of songs too, and a solo record was planned for release on The Source Family's own imprint, Higher Key. Completed in 1974, it was haunting set of songs, sung almost entirely at the piano with no other accompaniment. Aquariana's album was intended as a powerful counterpoint to the male energies produced and pheromoaning outward from the recordings made by YaHoWha 13 and Savage Sons of YaHoWha to that point. This would provide balance and polarity to the catalog. Sadly, shortly after the completion of the LP, The Family decided it would sell The Source restaurant and move to Hawaii, which put a hold on all recording projects. At the time, this seemed to be a minor postponement, but shortly after arriving in Hawaii, Father Yod left his earthly body and the Source Family soon dispersed to their own separate paths.

It is now almost 40 years later. Aquariana lived as a single mother raising Yod, the child she had with Father, and passed away in 1996. Notably, in her lifetime Aquariana led a series of public access tribute concerts supporting troops in the Desert Storm conflict, entitled, "Aquariana Says It With Music," and spent time in a gospel group in LA called The Life Choir, directed by H. B. Barnum. She may not have lived to see her album make its way into the world, but finally, the tape of her record, archived these many years with Isis Aquarian, has been mastered and is ready for all to hear. A definite sound apart from the flowing improvisations of The Thought Adjusters and the many Yahowha 13 records, Aquariana is a record that has a relaxed appeal and a yearning tone, something just for you! Especially if that "you" is a fan of Essra Mohawk or Yma Sumac. It's with heavenly pleasure, and through the power of YaHoWha, that we're able to shed Godly light on a crucial voice we've previously only heard in the background of the music of The Source Family. People! Sing YaHoWha and get ready for Aquariana, December 17!

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