posted October 24th, 2013

Like the blessed Mother Teresa before him, Neil Hamburger just can't keep his charitable gestures to himself! Spreading a wealth of "gags" to those less privileged than he, The World's Funnyman cannot be contained by continental borders. Touring the USA constantly is a given, but why should the planet's Number One 3rd-World country get all the laffs? There are down-trodden in other parts of the world, across many oceans, who could all benefit from a gentle ribbing now and again. Neil has graciously performed his smile-inducing routine for those less fortunate in places as diverse as Malaysia, Scotland, England, and even for their poor cousins in Australia. Whelp, the needy never sleep, they say, and therefore neither does Neil Hamburger - the entertainer is out in the wilderness as we speak, and before the year's over, he'll take the wilderness back to Australia! We feel, in times like these, it's absolutely essential to support such a kind and generous performer - join the cause, and get out your checkbooks, cause here comes Neeeeiiiilllll Hamburger!

11/8/13 Johnny Brenda's Philadelphia PA w/ Tim Heidecker
11/9/13 Bowery Ballroom New York NY w/ Tim Heidecker
11/14/13 The Crepe Place Santa Cruz CA w/ Major Entertainer Mike H
11/15/13 Sacramento Comedy Spot Sacramento CA w/ Major Entertainer Mike H
11/24/13 The Satellite Los Angeles CA
12/1/13 The Toff in Town Melbourne VIC Australia w/ Dr. El Suavo
12/6/13 Marrickville Bowling Club Sydney NSW Australia w/ Dr. El Suavo
12/13/13 Brisbane Hotel Hobart TAS Australia w/ Dr. El Suavo
12/15/13 Northcote Social Club Melbourne VIC Australia w/ Dr. El Suavo
12/29/13 The Satellite Los Angeles CA
1/9/14 Sons Of Hermann Hall Dallas TX w/ Alvarius B
1/10/14 The North Door Austin TX w/ Alvarius B
1/11/14 Walter's Houston TX w/ Alvarius B

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