posted October 31st, 2013

When braving the cooling winds, plunging temperatures and diminishing amounts of available light in the outer-world, you know you gots to layer up, man! One can't expect to walk around the brisk alleys and off-roads in just jeans and a t-shirt for protection - if you want to keep sane and secure, you need all facets of a warm wardrobe. So how 'bout a fashionable (yet warm) dose of scarf, sweater, and jacket combo? Then top it off with a bit of fedora or knit cap (depening on your inner and outer temps) and you're ready to roll. Similarly, when hearing a new record for the first time, you probably need the layers of records past there with you, to help you sanely and securely understand the artist on a meta-and even multi-level!

And so we've arrived at the latest en vogue innovation de aural consumption: the music bundle! Freshly assembled for our November release date, you can get your new Mick Turner LP, Don't Tell The Driver, BUNDLED with the remaining "Thunder from Down Under" MT catalog on LP or CD! Oh, what's that? You prefer to bundle up in vintage attire? Then get with the Royal Trux bundle options - Veterans of Disorder accessorized with either Accelerator OR Cats and Dogs, whichever title and format matches your own wild style. And not to be outshined, keep it modern and domestic with the Magik Markers Surrender To The Fantasy bundle - we got you set with Balf Quarry and the "Ice Skater" 7" on top of the new one for naturalist vinyl aficionado, or the PETA-approved CD bundle of Surrender To The Fantasy with Balf Quarry. For fashion and comfort, bundle up with Drag swags and rags, today!

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