posted November 4th, 2013

Here it is, wham! The video for "Bonfire" setting the night alive! Sometime over the horror-weekend, Magik Markers took back the empty fields and burned out the ghosts 'n goblins around their bonfire, like house exorcists back from the brink, playing MM party jams in the flickering night while the Naraganset cans crushed against the furious listeners. The rush of blood, the beating bleating thrum of love's heartbeat can leave anyone feeling a little vulnerable. In just a couple fortnights, we're all gonna Surrender To the Fantasy on November 19th. Until that time arrives, you're alone with your fantasies and this lurvely vid-transmission from America's thrombing ventricals. Magik Markers command! Surrender to the Fantasy. Available on long-playing vinyl, compact disc, and full-on immersion-style USB drive audio-visual experiences locked, loaded and ready to go. Halloween may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't go completely bonkers with Markers anymore! To the contrary, Magik Markers are (possibly not) the first of their kind (how kind are they, anyway? Not very - mostly snarling, in fact) to offer their new album as a unique object likely to be obsolete in the near future yet completely innovative for today - a genuine imitation SOLID-GOLD USB flash-drive loaded with Magik Markers' Surrender To The Fantasy stuff!

What's on the USB, you ask? You get the album, as it's intended! Videos, as they're intended! Complete lyrics, otherwise unavailable in written (and audio) form! Screen-savers of Fantasy-tasic images! Plus, the most exciting of all, extended and alternate mixes of three (3) (tres) Surrender To The Fantasy favorites! $20 for all this? Yeah, that's like getting what you paid for and a congratulatory reward for doing so! Cause, like, you can't play a USB on a turntable, you know? Or whatever that argument is. But you can play Surrender To The Fantasy in many forms, take them with you, and dig in with exclusive bits in ways your neighbor can't, all emanating from a custom gold drive with hot pink logo-ing! And that's worth more than most. Surrender, kids!

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