posted December 20th, 2013

It's that time again; baby new year comes bouncing in while the old man is shown the door. We're raised to take hope in these things, these "years" - that the clock can be reset instead of ticking, ticking, ticking towards it's damnable conclusion, that 99 percent of us lose again. Don't believe the hype, brothers and sisters! This is a cartoon, foisted upon you by the powers that be, designed to keep you complacent, feeding at government tits. Don't reach for the reset button, fight to the end! Mike Donovan knows this, and that's why it's time for a distinctly not-phony-holiday moment with the audio-plus-vid-images of "New Fieldhand Bop." Let these strains usher in your new year with the sobering sight of a people in full surveillance society mode; crowding the landscape, yet seeing nothing as they focus inward, using their mobile devices to aid them in disconnecting from the environment, while their environment takes full note of them. Oh (big) brother! You win again. But the Mike-pire strikes back with this sweet tune, an anthem to awareness and, if not a new tomorrow, at least a more aware tomorrow. Ever'body sing it loud and long with him: "All that I need, Is right here in front of me. Don't want no money, cause I got some melodies." Take that, matrix! New Year's resolution: keep on keepin' on, fight the power, we will rock you, etc.

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