posted January 20th, 2014

It's only been four months since the new CAVE album, and already CAVE has toured heavily and heartily through North America on the back of Threace. It was to be expected; Threace is their densest batch of jams yet to be released, not to mention their most danceable. A difficult balancing act for listener's ears, best to demonstrate to them in person. So CAVE's own backyard of America was cleaned up before taking their ever expanding depth of field to the other side of the planet, the legendary reversed-polarity southern hemisphere - specifically, the lands of Australia and New Zealand. Next time, South Africa! The extended travel and subsequent warm vibes and temperatures served the songs of Threace well and deep, which have returned to our frosted clime broader and decellerated, Matrix-style, becoming something larger and looser, yet still intensely focused. After making a brief cameo here in Chicago for posterity's sake, CAVE are once again jumping the zones, this time to South America, where they'll spread out for the heads down in Santiago, Chile.

And how can anyone make that treck without a little visit to Baja country? That's right - Bitchin Bajas do one up down south, too. Let's get it on!


1/23/14 Teatro Diana Santiago Chile
1/24/14 Onaciu Bar Santiago Chile (Private Event)

Bitchin Bajas

1/28/14 Needle Record Store Santiago Chile
1/31/14 Tuareg Bar Talca Chile
2/27/14 Constellation Chicago IL w/ Joshua Abrams' Natural Information Society

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