posted January 21st, 2014

Saddle up! Bonnie 'Prince' Billy regularly dons a fancy hat or two while riding, clamped on tight so that it don't fly off when he makes those unexpected right and left turns that his fans love so very much. This man-myth is shrouded in more mystery than perhaps even he can solve, and we're listening close, waiting for another veil to drop. Yet, underneath the layers, Bonny rides, like the rest of us, naked -but unlike the rest of us, unafraid. It's this "natural" appeal we find so compelling, and as it expands, tumnescent, so too grows our excitement for the next installment of "Barely Regal." The "Barely Regal" stable was first stocked with versions of contemporary classics by such stallions as Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, and Ne-Yo; all artists that the man who transformed "The World's Greatest" would pretty much be expected to kill with a drop of the down-beat. And he did! Now, the Bonny 'Prince' adds a sweet filly to the mix, going vintage and veteran with a cool cover of Stockard Channing-sung "There are Worse Things I Could Do," the weeper from everybody's singalong favorite, Grease, accompanied by Craig Wagner on guitar.  Yeah, it's cool jazz, y'all! In or outside the box, Bonny Billy is in for the long haul. "There are Worse Things I Could Do" runs exclusively on iTunes starting today, January 21st!

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