posted March 25th, 2014

Spring time's a time to get out out of doors and breathe the fresh air again - or whatever air you got around you really; it's gotta be a tonic compared to smelling your own damn BO, stale incense and the perfume coming from all those empty bottles in your kitchen for a fourth straight damn month, dude. Among the great outdoor activities, what could be better for the mind and soul than an good old-fashioned rock and roll tour? Leading the movement back to summertime form is none other than your favorite son of man, Ty Segall, man! Speaking of man, sons, and daughters, wasn't it Charles Manson who lamented there was a time when being a crazy showman meant something? Or just being crazy? Yeah, now, everyone plays the crazy showman card with a little help from their stylist or sponsor, and tsk tsk if you say otherwise. But Ty's a dog who wags for no one ('cept for the true - and maybe for you too) - the real deal, the P.T. Barnum of the Rock n' Roll Circus, The Who's Moon to the Stones' Mick, the concentrated blood collected from melted rock-consciousness.

Ty Segall, with warrior-band around him, smashes a sure-to-be unruly week of European dates in-between high-ticket USA fests ripe for the rascalin', this spring! Coachella, Primavera, Vellette Sonique, Bonnaroo - all will be carved, and all will be served! Thanks (for) giving!

4/12/14     Coachella 2014     Indio     CA
4/19/14     Coachella 2014     Indio     CA
5/30/14     Paloma     Nimes         France     This is Not A Love Song Festival
5/31/14     Primavera Sound Festival     Barcelona         Spain
6/1/14     Sala Apolo     Barcelona         Spain  Primavera Afterparty
6/3/14     Magnolia     Milan         Italy
6/4/14     An Club     Athens         Greece
6/6/14     Villette Sonique     Paris         France
6/7/14     Optimus Primavera Sound Festival     Porto Portugal
6/12/14     Bonnaroo     Manchester     TN

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