posted April 24th, 2014

The Howling Hex continue to patrol the borders of our shared musical culture, reflecting on the strange things a man might see out there in the wilderness- and more to the point, the details a man might miss. Their next release is a 10" single with two long tracks that push beyond previous entries in The Howling Hex's catalog - believe it! While it's true that The Howling Hex routinely set and achieve this goal on all their albums, on this special 10", the reemergence of Neil Michael Hagerty as a leading entity give the two epic performances a unique spin. Also special: Hagerty-hand-rendered jackets and a print run that some might call "limited edition."

"Fool's Watch" b/w "Lord Gloves" rips and resonates with Hagerty's inimitable fretwork, jacked up to new heights of aggressive right-hand accelerating the dissonant, harmelodic outbursts coming from the left. Long form tunes call for long narratives, and both of these got one: "Fool's Watch" is a Ranchera that tells the story of a young woman who never knew her father; "Lord Gloves" is a Mexican Cumbia celebrating the life of an old Trinidadian cricket player who holds the 8th highest score for an individual baseman in a single inning of international test cricket. It's equally essential for Howling Hex and Neil Hagerty fans the world over as well as soon-to-be Hagerty heads looking for a gateway. "Fool's Watch" b/w "Lord Gloves" arrives June 24th!