posted April 29th, 2014

Power duo Blues Control spent the better part of two years globally burning rubber (figuratively! our BC buddies are PC when it come to eco, friends) for their latest full-length, Valley Tangents. Four continents of fans, to be precise, reveled in their modified, cop-chasing whip of sound: a brutal racer with hood stripped away, revealing the glorious engine guts of keys, guitars, and beats oiled up and humming. Simply put: arguably the finest machine any two-lane blacktop or similarly traveled field has ever experienced (and those who argue don't have a leg to stand on!). And so - despite needing some down-time to rest and reconstitute and write some new ones for the next two years, why not just continue the journey? Down-time becames down-below-the-equator time as the (semi-)paved roads of South America beckon Blues Control to the lengthy Chilean coastline. There, they'll indulge on the local flavors of Pisco and empanadas before the locals indulge on the tasty sounds of grupa Blues Control, a collaborative celebration and sensation, a fiesta of sound enlightenment! In addition to their new cassingle release, Valley Tangents will be stuffed in their totes, available to all those in need for a reasonable amount of pesos. Coming this May- next week, in fact! Blues Control muscle their way to Santiago, Chile!

5/6/14 Teatro Diana Santiago Chile

5/8/14 Club Radicales Santiago Chile

5/9/14 Bar Loreto Santiago Chile

5/10/14 Casa Dinamarca 399 Valparaiso Chile

6/27/14 Silent Barn Brooklyn NY w/ Tonstartssbandht

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