posted May 6th, 2014

BOOM! "Physical Emotions," the first sonic slab to fall from Black Bananas' Electric Brick Wall, is a revolutionary listen! Released as a physical (not to mention emotional) 7" single two weeks ago, the density of the "PE" jam on its own is so palpable it virtually creates a kinetic visual representation behind the listener's lids; but how to manifest the sound into something physically fitting for the actual eyes? The sounds found on Electric Brick Wall are constantly moving in strange and unusual ways, making outragious connections while squeezing through unexpected passages - "Physical Emotions" being a prime time example! YES - with the the rare essence of funkin'sense, Jennifer Herrema kicks and belts her iconic bounce-vibe - no surprises in that department! But everyone needs somebody to love to dance with; to get her partner on, Jennifer coaxes one forth from the community blaster: the hypno-robo-fly Flat Top, unleashed from the i-deck, gets down with Black Bananas' ring leader on multiple planes of physical/emotional "reality," making "Physical Emotions" a full-on, boombox-blasting booty-party of a video! Debuting world-wide with The Guardian earlier today, "Physical Emotions" must now be seen to be believed. "Physical Emotions" is all ready for your turntable or your digital docking station as a single, with it's mothership LP, Electric Brick Wall, ready to rock the world like a sweet meteor shower come June 24th!


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