posted May 30th, 2014

For you loyal readers out there in the e-aether (and, please God, listeners in the real world), you've already heard peep one 'bout this ultra-limited & damn-near hand-crafted platter that we very mysteriously call "Fool's Watch," b/w "Lord Gloves" (because mysteriously, those are the song titles). The basic spex: 2 SONG, 10", 45 RPM. Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex brought forth these two mini-epics from somewhere deep inside their hard-won collective identity; The Howling Hex with their trusty, rust-free New Border Sound and NMH with his sky-rocket guitar solos and unerring impluse for sudden left turns. Then Hagerty did the jackets all on his lonesome (but happy inside). This is when we talk about when we talk about hand-crafted: we sent the jackets to him and he pasted them up with lithographs and fastidiously typed title-cards of his own creation. Why, you might be able to smell your hero's scent on these while breathing deep with satisfaction over the receipt of your purchase! This limited-run pressing was slaved over in every way possible, except sexually, which would be just about as gross as hoping to smell your hero on your newly-purchased record. That said, back in the world of realistic expectations, the swift-approaching unleash of these ten-inchers of flaming fury (available for pre-ord now!) has provoked from the man (the myth) yet ANOTHER hand-crafted multimedia-style jewel for yuh, a bit of a softwarp for sore optic nerves.  Just be thankful that your visual connection to this beautiful world has not been severed; and indulge in the frenetic frenzy of this Hagerty-made teaser-pleaser.  Its bare down with all the inimitable visual styles that Neil always brings to your mind-table. Pre-Order yours now or weep later, fool (or, why deny yourself anything? DO BOTH!).