posted June 4th, 2014

As we approach the great white release date for Electric Brick Wall, Black Bananas fans everywhere are geeked and tweaked with the idea of a whole album that sounds like the slay-worthy advance single, "Physical Emotions."  Fuckin' dream on! It's not that nobody could realize an album like that - if anybody could, it would definitely be Jennifer and the band-anas - but they've got better things to do, like making Electric Brick Wall so high and mighty! If you're so into "Physical Emotions," why don't you do a commitment ceremeony to it? Or better yet, just keep jamming the video, like we do ? OMG - Flat Top and JJ, we can't get enuf...Or if you like it like that (and if you don't, can we have your kidneys? Cause you're dead!), then why not check out Liars' remix on "Physical Emotions"? Whoo, slammin! Just rode that chorus through the roof, rawesome. That should hold you for another couple weeks, when Electric Brick Wall finally drops on you, spraying rocks and gravel and glittering diamonds in every direction of rock we have known, but never heard before like this. Black Bananas are ready, but I'm not sure we are - heads (and the rest of us) up!