posted June 23rd, 2014

Want a new drug? From the band that once brought you "Killer Weed,"now shoote a primse snoutful of powder! "Powder8 Eeeeeeeeight," to be precise; an over-the-edge jamthem from the new Black Bananas long player, the epic Electric Brick Wall! It's quite possible this black slabbath of an album is already on display at your local dealer's pad; but if not, it certainly will be up for tomorrow's official release date! Electric Brick Wall has already blow'd critics' ear-nostrils the world over, causing visceral excitement, panic, confusion, elation and miscellanious manias leading to spontaneous dancing and all-out booty-rocking-that-rocks-the-booty-party! - for all that hear it. Like the best things in life, Black Bananas' Electric Brick Wall gets higher with frequent, repeated dosages. So take a hit and prepare for some real life interaction (they're not all out to get you) as Black Bananas announce their European tour! The details are below; meantime, carry on with watching the new addiction you can't refuse, "Powder8 Eeeeeeeeight!"

8/8/14 Seaport Music Festival New York NY

11/1/14 Galeria Zé dos Bois Lisbon Portugal

11/2/14 Primavera Club Barcelona Spain

11/3/14 Bad Bonn Duedingen Switzerland

11/4/14 Kantine am Berghain Berlin Germany

11/5/14 Loppen Copenhagen Denmark

11/6/14 Iceland Airwaves Festival Reykjavik Iceland

11/7/14 Iceland Airwaves Festival Reykjavik Iceland

11/8/14 Paradiso Amsterdam Netherlands

11/9/14 Trix Antwerp Belgium Autumn Falls Festival 

11/10/14 Brudenell Social Club Leeds United Kingdom

11/11/14 The 100 Club London United Kingdom

11/12/14 Point Ephémère Paris France


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