posted June 27th, 2014

You know what's heavy? A double-LP! That's just science, kids - but it makes Shade Themes From Kairos is record with serious weight! Double-LP plus Ambarchi/O'Malley/Dunn equals some crazy kind of solar mass, like the weight of the sun or some shit. And like all things lingering in our collective conscience, it's found a way to partially re-animate itself in video form! No friend, the Shade album not the sun! It's also not an animated short of Stephen O'Malley, Oren Ambarchi, and Randall Dunn taking turns remixing their magnificent album in some abandoned cathedral (that one's still in production - yay!); even better, it's the official video for the dopamine-like, sonic wall of a composition they call, "Temporal, Eponymous."  Shade Themes From Kairos of course grew as if from seed from the soundtrack for the film, Kairos, by Alexis Destoop, before additional, expanded sessions shaped it into something beyond what even it's creators originally intended! Naturally, things have gone full circle as the video for "Temporal, Eponymous" was created by Alexis Destoop, too! Such a combination makes for a stimulating experience, and at nearly 12 minutes, you'll manage to sip delicately on your absinthe till the last drop without interruption! Enough from us, take a slow pour and watch!

"If time is an arrow...
The video revisits footage, archive material and outtakes from the short feature film Kairos."


Artists in this story: Ambarchi / O'Malley / Dunn