posted July 21st, 2014

As record stores go, so goes Drag City – and since we’ve been around for the last 25 years, clearly record stores have been doing something right! So we are very pleased to present you with special editions of three of Drag City’s earliest singles for a special Record Store Day of your own choosing. Three titles that changed the world! Our world, that is. DC1 - the one that almost ended it all before it really started! Any venture with Royal Trux was a straight-up GAMBLE in 1990, but not only did we manage to sell through a few thousand of these babies in a mere two-plus years, we also managed to make money on another couple dozen Royal Trux releases over the next decade. Plus, the record's great! "Hero Zero" b/w "Love Is..." are you kidding?

Or what about DC2 - the one that almost broke us on Billboard, how about that! (it would be another fifteen years before we got that close). Yes, Pavement are remembered for a few things - and "Demolition Plot J-7" might just be one of them! It's a great li'l 7"EP, with early hits like "Forklift," "Recorder Grot" and "Perfect Depth." A polar opposite in so many ways from Royal Trux, thus determining what we around the office (apartment, broom closet) would call "our aesthetic" - polar opposites!

For the third of this early trifecta of short-play classics, we have DC8, the "I Hear the Devil Calling Me" 7"EP from New Zealand's Xpressway label. Little remembered today (except by geeks - and us (geeks)), Xpressway was run by The Dead C's Bruce Russell, himself a part of the original third-wave of Down Under-Mania, and he had what it took to draw all the best NZ talent to his doorstep (a strong pair of lungs!). Thus, we have mini-hits from all the biggies of back then - Alastair Galbraith! Peter JefferiesGate! Cyclops! A Handful of Dust! Dadameh! Stephen Kilroy! Queen Meanie Puss! David Mitchell! OLLA! The Dead C, and The Renderers, whose rendition of the title track haunts our synapses to this day. How are they all squashed on to one 7"? Simple - super short songs! It only makes great records better - like this single, and all three, really!

They're each pressed on audiophile gold(like) vinyl, and the Trux and Pavement records are packaged in all-new, audiophile sleeves (tip-on, bitch!). The Xpressway single goes them one better, being sold in orignal/NOS sleeves! WHAT.

Any day you go to the record store is Record Store Day - so Happy Record Store Day from all of us at Drag Motherfuckin' City! 

Artists in this story: Royal Trux, Pavement, Alastair Galbraith, Peter Jefferies, The Dead C.