posted August 14th, 2014

After last year's icing on the CAVE, Threace, who knew when in the world there'd be another CAVE record? Yet once again, and in perfect rhythm (it's what they do), CAVE deliver! Due out on Drag City in October, Release compiles jams from the sweltering heart of CAVE that didn't make it onto their three LPs and three EPs.

Anyone who's heard their albums can attest that CAVE have a fresh, yet well-seasoned ear for long-play records, and each one shows their ever-revolving palette. Being in CAVE is about fun, though, so they've also indulged themselves now and again with standalone songs and short-play records on Trensmat, Static Caravan, Giradiscos and Permanent, as well as some self-released cassette freakouts. CAVE's always been about formats, interacting with them as they capture their sound, the weirder the better! So Release contains mostly 4-track stuff, plus some 8-track stuff, and several masters had to be transferred from VHS, CAVE's preferred mixdown format of the late aughts.

Like the best singles, CAVE's sides here have singular qualities that album songs can't, as they unwind themselves over 30 or more minutes in time. Thus, you'll find that many Release jams rock harder in contrast to the refined production of Neverendless and Threace. Lucky you, rocker! As a standalone release, Release presents a true sense of CAVE's proficient and zealous non-album sound, expertly compiled to album form.

The CAVE waves just keep crashin'---Grab your copy of Release on October 21st and wish them bon voyage to Europe!

12 - Valada, Portugal @ Reverence Festival
13 - Santiago de Compostela, Spain @ WOS INC
14 - Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain @ Ibu Hots
15 - Lyon, France @ Generation Sponatanee
16 - Marina di Ravenna, Italy @ Hana-Bi
17 - Torino, Italy @ Magazzini Sul Po
18 - Lausanne, Switzerland @ Le Romandie
19 - Dudingen, Switzerland @ Bad Bonn
20 - Ebensee, Austria @ Kino Ebensee
21 - Tilburg, Netherlands @ Incubate Festival
22 - Brussels, Belgium @ Les Ateliers Claus
23 - Antwerp, Belgium @ Het Bos
24 - Paris, France @ Espace B
26 - Sassari, Italy @ Egg Party
27 - Cagliari, Italy @ Egg Party
28 - Tolouse, France @ Les Pavillion Sauvages
29 - Barcelona, Spain @ Almo2bar

1 - Valencia, Spain @ 16 Toneladas
2 - Madrid, Spain @ VillaManuela Festival
3 - Guimaraes, Portugal @ CAAA