posted August 29th, 2014

The strange and wonderful home recordings of The George-Edwards Group were recorded in the 1970s, yet they're marked by natural tape sounds that give them a timeless space. Having thus far provided two full albums of sanguine melody and mood, 38:38 and Archives, it's time now to prep our universal ear for the third installment of the book of George-Edwards, Chapter III!

Chapter III of The George-Edwards Group archives draws from deep in the pockets of their sporadic later embodiment. With their grand 70s dreams of Hollywood stardom fading, Edward Balian and Ray George continued to track their winsome muse, perhaps a bit more aggro and with a bit more dolor than they had back in the 38:38 days. Although late-60s Detroit was the seedbed for The George-Edwards Group, they had more in common with Silver Apples than the Amboy Dukes. Enamored of keyboard effects and sonic tomfoolery, they developed their sound away from the scene, slowly developing a spacily elegant pop music as the 70s passed by outside their basement lair. Scoring their melancholic melodies with bells, pianos and synthesizer led to something you might almost call ba-roque n roll (if someone hadn’t already said it about The Left Banke!), or perhaps like demos for Big Star’s Third. Chapter III throws the vault open once again with flair. Future generations (and this one too) will treasure these lost-and-found sounds as if they were their own; time makes The George-Edwards Group only more powerful. Chapter III begins October 21st!


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