posted September 11th, 2014

Jennifer Herrema and her funky bunch of Black Bananas are ever-ripening! After the release of Electric Brick Wall in June, the 'Nanas invite you right back into da club— ahem, the pole-dancing club, that is! That’s right, with a refreshingly open set of core values and a corresponding shortage of shame, Jennifer (plus a life size teddy bear) sways with an untouchable swagger while the pros handle the dancing. With grooves and vocals tweaked to perf-wack-tion atop throbbing, sub-beats, the ladies are able to ‘Stop’ and ‘Slow Down’ on the pole with such ease it stands to reason “Creeping The Line” will become THE anthem for exotic dance workout classes and sexy sexies everywhere! Don’t worry, you white collar types—there’s no explicit nudity so it’s still SFW, but it's raunchy as all hell, so take the time to waste some time at your desk job. Live vicariously through Black Bananas and all the RAD TIMES they’re having without you: watch the video for "Creeping The Line" directed by Jess Holzworth right now, and prep your ancestors for the Black Bananas European tour!

10/23/14 Los Globos Los Angeles CA

11/1/14 Galeria Zé dos Bois Lisbon Portugal

11/2/14 Primavera Club Barcelona Spain

11/3/14 Bad Bonn Duedingen Switzerland

11/4/14 Kantine am Berghain Berlin Germany

11/5/14 Loppen Copenhagen Denmark

11/6/14 Iceland Airwaves Festival Reykjavik Iceland

11/7/14 Iceland Airwaves Festival Reykjavik Iceland

11/8/14 Paradiso Amsterdam Netherlands

11/9/14 Trix Antwerp Belgium Autumn Falls Festival 

11/10/14 Brudenell Social Club Leeds United Kingdom

11/11/14 The 100 Club London United Kingdom

11/12/14 Point Ephémère Paris France

11/13/14 SAMO Turin Italy

11/14/14 PO Box Studio Pordenone Italy

11/15/14 Interzona Verona Italy

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