posted September 12th, 2014

Ever since we announced Release, we've been on the edge of our seats, excitedly anticipating this very moment, where we get to talk about it further! Release (officially out October 21st) compiles songs from sides of variously sized formats, with one thing in common - they've never been released on LP! The early days of CAVE, these jams were recorded and transferred using a variety of methods: 4 tracks, 8 tracks, and VHS tapes (yeah that's right), and each played a part where appropriate, with the songs showing off a care-free, exploratory energy that presents a band building itself the rail ties upon which their fully realized albums, NEVERENDLESS and Threace, could chug. Some of their most clamorous freakouts can be heard here, plus, there's a song from the Threace sessions that nobody's heard at all! We'll save that one for the folks who shill out their hard-earned bux to buy the LP, but in the meantime, dig this essential cut from Release, "The Ride," and make sure you make the effort to catch them on their long-awaited return to Europe! CAVE are on tour all month long - check the dates and get yourself where they are, now!

9/12/14     Reverence Festival     Valada         Portugal     
9/13/14     WOS INC     Santiago de Compostela         Spain     
9/14/14     Ibu Hots     Vitoria         Spain     
9/15/14     Generation Sponatanee     Lyon         France     
9/16/14     Hana-Bi     Marina di Ravenna         Italy     
9/17/14     Magazzini Sul Po     Torino         Italy     
9/18/14     Le Romandie     Lausanne         Switzerland     
9/19/14     Bad Bonn     Duedingen         Switzerland     
9/20/14     Kino Ebensee     Ebensee         Austria     
9/21/14     Incubate Festival     Tilburg         Netherlands     
9/22/14     Les Ateliers Claus     Brussels         Belgium     
9/23/14     Het Bos     Antwerp         Belgium     
9/24/14     Espace B     Paris         France     
9/26/14     Egg Party Festival Day 1     Sassari         Italy     
9/27/14     Egg Party Festival Day 2     Caligari         Italy     
9/28/14     Les Pavillion Sauvages     Tolouse         France     
9/29/14     Almo2Bar     Barcelona         Spain     
10/1/14     16 Toneladas     Valencia         Spain     
10/2/14     Villa Manuela Festival     Madrid         Spain     
10/3/14     CAAA     Guimaraes         Portugal    

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