posted September 17th, 2014

End time! The earth is going cold, but the ground is hot! Only one way forward and that's inside a pair of Feathered Fish's very own line of Zoris! In case you forgot (and how could you?) Feathered Fish is the brainchild of Jennifer Herrema and award winning designer Pamela Love. Sharing a namesake with the 1966 Arthur Lee song reminding us that both our girls are Pisces, Feathered Fish merges their un-fuck-with-able attitude amidst innovative design and vision. After collaborating on a re-creation of the iconic Royal Trux Skull ring, the ladies are at it again--this time re-imagining the traditional Japanese sandal. These Zoris come from the cradle of man, out of the east, and were first conceived as a part of our green host with a twist of straw and a sole of bark.

Feathered Fish’s Zoris were all individually hand crafted by artisans in the Land of the Rising Sun and are available in four original and exclusive color patterns and designs! With so many options, why not nab a pair for the whole family? But be haste, they might be gone sooner than you think! Now, does the path ahead seem treacherous? The rains are coming! So why throttle the waterways with plastic footwear? If you've gotta go, go now - in style. These Zoris are handmade and available in extremely limited quantities, so hurry; get your feet off the ground and into a pair of Zoris!

Artists in this story: Royal Trux, Jennifer Herrema, Black Bananas