posted September 23rd, 2014


Listen? Do you hear that? It sounds like....peace. That's because you live in a world where the music of Bitchin Bajas is ascendent! Their analog-synthetic sound is drifting into the souls and minds of more listeners than ever before. At the heart of Bitchin Bajas there is pure peace. Theirs is a tranquil essence, creating a shared experience for themselves and their audience. This August, something incredible happened: their self-titled double album traversed and mapped an incredible range of sonic terrain, intuited comprehensively with Bitchin Bajas own special tape-capture version of climate control. This album, a 78 minute epic, is opening doors in the world of climatic music, setting a standard for complete listener immersion. The 2xLPs-worth of recordings cross-pollinates with different formats in order to allow individual perspectives: both FLAC and MP3 downloads include a set of videos for each track created by Nick Ciontea. Meanwhile, the cassette edition comes with an additional cassette featuring a mix version of the LP master entitled Relaxation Version that doubles the length of the listening experience! All these ways of hearing Bitchin Bajas are definitive paths to an accord such as you have never before experienced! It is possible as well that you should experience such a sense of oneness in the isolation of your personal listening chamber, or quite possibly, as the soundtrack to everything you see in front of you while in transit from place to place in your busy and highly mobile life - but if you want to add yet another perspective to your Bajas encounter, why not interface with them LIVE? We're looking at you, Europe - with third eye fully open! Bitchin Bajas will embark on a audio-physical journey throughout continental Europe for much of the month of October. Horizons will rise and fade away in their path as they work their way across the terrain, making stops in selected countries as part of their continual search for aural epiphany; an untertaking that is inevitably enhanced by the personal presence and therefore participation of others! For the crowned heads and neophytes alike, Bitchin Bajas are into something that is eternal and yet won't last forever - every night is another chapter! Put your name in between the lines. Dates below

2 - Madrid, Spain @ VillaManuela Festival
3 - Guimaraes, Portugal @ CAAA
4 - Comibra, Portugal @ Casa Das Artes
5 - Bueu, Spain @ Labranza
6 - Oviedo, Spain @ Lata De Zinc
7 - San Sebastian, Spain @
8 - Nantes, France @ La Barricade
9 - Paris, France @ Petit Bain
10 - Tournai, Belgium @ Water Moulin
11 - Antwerp, Belgium @ Zuiderpershuis
13 - Strasbourg, France @ Le Molodoi
14 - Besancon, France @ FJT Les Osieaux
15 - Zurich, Switzerland @ Klubi
16 - Lausanne, Switzerland @ Le Bourg
17 - Barcelona, Spain @ Miscelanea
18 - Alicante, Spain @ Satyricon Room
19 - Valencia, Spain @ Madame Mim

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