posted September 24th, 2014

Yes. In the early hours of the coming week, Alasdair Roberts takes his leave of the old United Kingdom, determined to follow his fate in a decidedly different world order. Yes! At the invitation of interested parties, he's crossing the ocean for a second visit to Brazil, the country of "Ordem e Progresso," for several shows along their eastern seaboard. Yes. Three shows in fact, and they're spread out over a week's time, allowing Alasdair to spend some time seeing their empire for what it is, flaws and all. This is an opportunity every citizen of modern countries of the world deserves, a chance to see what people can do for themselves when allowed to decide on their own affairs, a condition of living our western powers have grown all too absent-minded to reflect upon. Yes! It may loook right, it may look wrong, but the lives of the Brazillians are decided by Brazilians - and before he secedes back to the UK, Alasdair is looking forward to spending time with these people, playing music for and with them and enjoying the varying degrees of QOL they have chosen for themselves. If we were given the chance ourselves, how would we vote? We would cast our ballot for YES.

9/28/14 Santander Culural Porto Alegre Brazil
10/3/14 SESC Belenzinho Sao Paulo São Paulo Brazil
10/4/14 Museo do Estado De Pernambuco Recife Brazil
10/29/14 Kitchen Garden Cafe Birmingham United Kingdom
10/30/14 TheCellar Oxford United Kingdom
10/31/14 Black Huts Festival Hastings United Kingdom
11/28/14 The Ivy House London United Kingdom

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