posted October 9th, 2014

You asked for it, so you got it; wait, what did you ask for, specifically? Right - a bound copy of select Bill Callahan and Smog lyrics pair'd with over a hundred, never-before-seen ink-wash images by the artist, man and myth himself? Check and double-check, mate! I Drive A Valence is all revved up and ready for you to ride inside it's tantalizing array of emotional and situational intrigue. The nuances and ambiguities within plain-spoke expression are at the exquisite center of Callahan's gift, and the plain fact of words on paper nails them down in a concrete fashion that might just wave at eternity somehow more concretely than sounds in the air can conjure. Spanning two decades of songs, I Drive A Valence does this for the listener - makes them a reader - while putting Bill Callahan's songs on another shelf where they sit just as entirely as they do on LP shelves around the world. Don't let the dustmotes settle o'er the highway of your pupils without first peeping this most excellent - and essential, really - collection of the artistry and charisma that makes Bill Callahan one of today's (and time's) iconic songwriters - clickpulse-order your copy of I Drive A Valance this very minute!

Artists in this story: Smog, Bill Callahan