posted October 9th, 2014

He's the Singer, he sings with the la-la. Where his voice goes, no one knows. The spotlight shines whether he's onstage or all alone. In a room below the surface, surrounded by piles of gorge and clutter destined for the junkyard, he plugs in and looks into your eyes - or where your eyes should be - and he sings. Ty Segall sings "The Singer," and his strums bring you into the room there with him, summoning the spirit of the Ty Segall Band all around as well. With nothing but the junk and the ghosts and his guitar, Ty draws us magnetically into the power of the Singer. Then the guitar solo sings out - and as it bites down, the room begins to spin...

Exploring the mythic experience of rock as sung to us by Ty Segall in "The Singer," is Matt Yoka, the director of "Manipulator," as well as the now-distant (but still amazing!) "Goodbye Bread" video. As before, he and his crew have put together an entirely natural, yet completely artificial environment for the latest dream of the (multiple) realities of Ty Segall. The songs come from his head - but sometimes you think, these songs were meant for you, like. Does that mean that you've come from his head too? It's a bit much, the way the signifier and the possible meanings here loop around and around. Play the video again...and again...and when it's over -

We're left with so many questions. Who's the Manipulator this time? Was the Singer ever really here? All we're left with is the song - and this freakin' RAD Ty Segall video for "The Singer." Check it out, and get ready for a massive Ty Segall European tour (before the band goes down under)!

10/19/14 La Sirène La Rochelle France
10/21/14 La Cigale Paris France
10/22/14 Le Bikini Toulouse France
10/23/14 Sala Apolo Barcelona Spain
10/24/14 But Madrid Spain
10/25/14 Lux Frágil Lisbon Portugal
10/27/14 Intxaurrondo K.E. San Sebastian Spain
10/28/14 La Coopérative de Mai Clermont Ferrand France
10/29/14 L'Usine Geneva Switzerland
10/30/14 Locomotiv Bologna Italy
10/31/14 Init Club Rome Italy
11/1/14 Interzona Art Centre Verona Italy
11/3/14 Paradiso Amsterdam Netherlands
11/4/14 Knust Hamburg Germany
11/5/14 Beatpol Dresden Germany
11/6/14 Astra Kulturhaus Berlin Germany
11/7/14 Pumpehuset Copenhagen Denmark
11/8/14 Kägelbanan Södra Teatern Stockholm Sweden
11/10/14 Gorilla Manchester United Kingdom
11/11/14 Brudenell Social Club Leeds United Kingdom
11/12/14 Electric Ballroom London United Kingdom
12/11/14 The Bakery Perth Australia
12/13/14 Meredith Festival Meredith Australia
12/14/14 Corner Hotel Melbourne Australia
12/15/14 Corner Hotel Melbourne Australia
12/17/14 Oxford Art Factory Sydney New South Wales Australia
12/18/14 Oxford Art Factory Sydney New South Wales Australia
12/19/14 The Zoo Brisbane Australia
12/20/14 The Northern Byron Bay Australia

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