posted October 17th, 2014

Limbo as the space between heaven and hell where unblessed babies float, sighing; limbo as the supple-spined Calypsonian dance craze: here twists Elisa Ambrogio’s solo debut The Immoralist! The bewitchery and bewilderment of Magik Markers are often obscured by their ability to flash into xprmntl/noise/improv mode, but for her solo debut, Elisa Ambrogio delves into pop sounds, holding them inquisitively like fragile antiquities and crafting bedroom window ballads out of their ashy remains.

Flashes of youthful innocence and playful conceit glimmer on the little big screen in album premiere/first video in a series (we hope!) “Superstitious,” as Elisa earnestly proclaims her hesitation to indulge in the paranormal except when it comes to intimate bonds. Writings on the wall? Ladders ‘bout to fall? Not exactly. But watch Elisa binge-and-purge on some multicolored flowers, and crash into a backyard pool, observing the redirection of water and how it ties into the way we express desire! Elisa’s fondness for both the high- and lowbrow collide (as evidenced in the cheap beer and literary classics sharing ritual space on the front lawn AND/OR Ambrogio's note-perfect channeling of Monkees-style slapstick all the way through) in this video about belief systems, collected knowledge and crushworthy soulfulness. Head on over to NPR to watch the premiere and don't forget to mark your calendars for the release of The Immoralist on October 21st! Elisa is also embarking on her first solo tour next month with Holy Sons, dig the dates below!

11/7/14 @ Flywheel in Easthampton, MA     

11/9/14 @ Le Ritz in Montreal Quebec, Canada  

11/10/14 @ Smiling Buddha in Toronto Ontario, Canada

11/11/14 @ Trinosophes in Detroit, MI         

11/12/14 @ Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL

11/13/14 @ Double Happiness in Columbus, OH    

11/14/14 @ Underground Arts in Philadelphia, PA

11/15/14 @ Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY   

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