posted November 14th, 2014

Fred Armisen's record collection runs, deep! How deep, you ask? Deep enough to find hidden gems we guarantee you've never heard before, as evidenced by the few obscure, regional hit singles we've been privy to properly release recently: Bjellend Brothers, or The Blue Jean Committee, for example. Like the solid, professional entertainer that he is, Armisen keeps coming back with fresh and exciting material for the Home Town Heroes series. The latest of which is a split single between LA-via-Columbus singer-songwriter, Joshua Rainhorn. His "Wine and Cigarettes" is culled from the endless pages of lyrics he's written in his time, the encyclopedia of his subconscious. Lyrics literally written upon lyrics. Coffee house crooning and  wine-stained blazers are his forte, and his fans love him for it! So will you.

On the flip, we have an amazing Brasilia-bossa tune from Paulinho e Beatriz! Paulinho e Beatriz foram uma dupla musical da cidade de Niterói, Brasil. Eles começaram a tocar juntos em 1969, cada um vindo de ter sido artistas solo locais. A cena musical em Niterói era vibrante. Os grupos foram experimentando com jazz e música tradicional brasileira, e o público audiente estava por dentro de tudo. Paulinho e Beatriz trouxe uma tranquilidade íntima com a paisagem, e eles se viram tocando para salas lotadas. Muitas pessoas dançavam, enquanto outras se levantavam e admiravam, perdidas em suas belas canções simples.

Grab the Joshua Rainhorn / Pualinho e Beatriz split 7" today from us, or in your local 7" rack on November 18th!

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