posted November 20th, 2014

Finally - another chance at world domination! Hot on the heels of their third new album, Lifer, and their blistering tour of the US, Dope Body have got booked a whole month of live shows across the UK and Europe in January 2015. These young men have built a reputation for super-intense live performances, the kind of shows that exhilarate in their unpredictability, galvanized in large part by the group’s scary-charismatic lead singer, Andrew Laumann - but also featuring the the riotious guitar inventions of Zach Utz and the insatiable drum-kitting of Dave Jacober. Equal parts firm and wild, the potential ferocity of a Dope Body show is always a concern. How did these Baltimore punks arrive at the the apex of such stalwart stage appeal?. It wasn't easy - embarked on a rigorous 19 months of almost nonstop touring on the back of their 2012 release, Natural History, Dope Body's intense dedication allowed them to develop a monstrously unique performance the hit hard at every festival, bar, basement and backyard available to them.  Now with another ever-more feral, sub-gut-busting album under their belt to prove their mettle, it's once again time for Dope Body to put themselves on full display, proving their live performance is truly something to behold! Catch them lest they catch you from behind at one of the following shows! And secure your future by grabbing Lifer, here!    

1/30/15 Loppen Copenhagen Denmark

1/31/15 Northern Winter Beat Festival Aalborg Denmark

2/1/15 Hafenklang Hamburg Germany w/ Disappears

2/2/15 Kantine am Berghain Berlin Germany w/ Disappears

2/3/15 Klub 007 Prague Czech Republic

2/4/15 K4 Nuremberg Germany

2/5/15 Fluc Vienna Austria

2/6/15 Kafe Kult Munich Germany

2/7/15 Komma Winterfest Esslingen Germany

2/11/15 Grrnd Zero Lyon France

2/12/15 L'Espace B Paris France

2/13/15 Stuck on a Name Nottingham United Kingdom

2/14/15 From Now On Festival Cardiff United Kingdom

2/15/15 Gullivers Manchester United Kingdom

2/16/15 Brudenell Social Club Leeds United Kingdom

2/17/15 Montague Arms London United Kingdom

2/18/15 Merleyn Nijmegen Netherlands

2/19/15 VK Brussels Belgium

2/20/15 Vera Groningen Netherlands

2/21/15 Worm Rotterdam Netherlands


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