posted December 9th, 2014

As the days slump towards winter solstice in our great northern hemisphere, the circle once again tightengs, growing ever shorter and ever darker all around us. Isn't it nice to remember thatthere are beacons of light just an ear-shot away? Bitchin Bajas make blissful sound portraits that'll relax even the tightest muscle, and turn one's internal vibe-o-meter to warm buzz chill. They should be lauded as the real heroes of the holiday season  - taking the time to take it on the road and beam their light all over the place in the most hectic of months, providing a solid-yet-mellow set of ambient and groovy sounds to center your spirit gourd, it's the band that found its way into some of the most discerning year end  lists of 2014 for their 87 minute, double vinyl (and double cassette!), self-titled album - Bitchin Bajas. Full of cheer, maybe a belly full of beer, Bitchin Bajas are coming to your town, with presence, starting tonight!

12/9/14 Cafe Berlin Columbia MO w/ Circuit Des Yeux

12/10/14 Plush St. Louis MO w/ Circuit Des Yeux

12/11/14 Glitch Gallery Memphis TN w/ Circuit Des Yeux

12/12/14 Siberia New Orleans LA w/ Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Circuit Des Yeux

12/14/14 Maurice Church New Orleans LA

12/17/14 The Stone Fox Nashville TN w/ Circuit Des Yeux

12/18/14 The Spot Lafayette IN w/ Circuit Des Yeux

12/19/14 Chicago Cultural Center Chicago IL

2/21/15 Garfield Park Conservatory Chicago IL

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