posted December 17th, 2014

If you need help with your XXXmas shopping, look no further: Feathered Fish got the junk to stuff your stocking and then some! Feathered Fish is an am'gam of two visionary artists' active minds. Rock n' roller/skating child Jennifer Herrema (Black Bananas in New York Times' best of 2014, yo!) and award-snatchin' designer Pamela Love take their incorporated name their shared astrological sign - Pisces, of course (plus, an obscure ol' Arthur Lee song too, natch); their thus-named Feather Fish brainchild is unmet in attitude, innovation and style, an industry of one (party of two)! This highly fashionable brand has thus far produced bling-wings for your hands and your feet - or perhaps, for the hands and feet of those you (want to?) love!

First, dig their collaboration on the classic Royal Trux Skull Ring: they retained the skull from the original design (essential!), added a fitting traditional tribal motif, and replaced the crossbones with crossed arrows. Then they cast in sterling silver, what! Up a few fliglhts from the pewter original it's a must-have wearable representation of yer life in rock n' roll-style. Wearing it will truly set you apart not only due to archtypal-yet-unique design, but also due to it's very exclusivity - these rings are in short supply! So clap your hands for the Skull Ring, or stomp your feet for the FF Zoris! For those of you in the market for something pedal, walk this way for the second out-ficial Featherd Fish release, a re-imagining of the traditional Japanese sandal, the Zori. These Zoris come out of the east, from the cradle of man, and were first conceived as a wearable extention of our green host, with a twist of straw and a sole of bark to shield your feet from planet hurts. Feathered Fish's Zoris were all individually hand-crafted by artisans in the Land of the Rising Sun and are available in four original and exclusive color patterns and designs. Perfect slipper-type footware for the winter-season (without all that tiresome attention given to "keeping your feet warm," the Zoris scream comfort AND low-key cool. Like the Trux rings before them, these puppies aren't in infinite supply and therefore won't be around forever - can you stand to go without putting them under the tree to give a hand to the feet you love? Hell no, get in the spirit lest you be a grinchy stinge with no fashion sense, either! From hand to foot, make your holiday shopping take place all in one place - with Feathered Fish!

Artists in this story: Jennifer Herrema, Black Bananas