posted January 12th, 2015

White Fence are but a few days away from taking their copious pop'n'rollin' talents first to France and then to the United Kingdom, where the British reverb chamber will accept them warmly, bangs and all. And from the UK, it's on to the cozy open pastures of the European mainland for tea, sympathy, and boundless rock n' roll sensibility. It's the USA Today, in Europe - the mirror looking back at you, displaying nothing but another empty mirror. How does it look from your end? From ours, it's lit with soft incandescents, and the tubes are hot!

To celebrate the occasion, Tim Presley and co. took to film a live set of songs from the Fence's catalog, including "Sandra" from one of 2014's most important albums, For The Recently Found Innocent! With a mellow snarl upon their lips (playing in the daytime, whoa), the band burns through a plush set of their traditional rock-isms, with well-attired playing by all concerned, even keys and violin where appropriate. For all of you too buried in wintery affects to find pleasure in the outside world, this brief set provides the requisite sunshine in which to bathe you - step forth from your head to toe comfy wrap, and sock hop out in yer private cave-fines. Those lucky enough to be where White Fence are, this month bleeding into February, stand fashionably tall. The rest of us are with you in spirit, snugging up to White Fence on record, on video, and in our endless minds.


1/21/15 Grim Marseille France
1/22/15 Bordeaux Rock Bordeaux France
1/23/15 Stereolux Nantes France
1/24/15 L' Ubu Rennes France
1/25/15 La Maroquinerie Paris France
1/27/15 The Fleece Bristol United Kingdom
1/28/15 Kraak Manchester United Kingdom
1/29/15 The 100 Club London United Kingdom
1/30/15 Sticky Mike's Brighton United Kingdom
1/31/15 AB Box Brussels Belgium
2/1/15 Bitterzoet Amsterdam Netherlands
2/2/15 Gebaeude 9 Cologne Germany
2/3/15 Bi Nuu Berlin Germany
2/5/15 An Club Athens Greece
3/28/15 Burgerama Santa Ana CA
3/29/15 Burgerama Santa Ana CA
5/8/15 Austin Psych Fest presents Levitation Austin TX
5/9/15 Austin Psych Fest presents Levitation Austin TX
5/10/15 Austin Psych Fest presents Levitation Austin TX

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