posted January 15th, 2015

She's just returned from the land down under, Vegemite sandy left behind in customs. Jessica Pratt's back home in LA but the reports from OZ are phenomenal - punters were utterly floored, the shows were SO kinetic! Now as anticipation reaches an all-time high for the release of On Your Own Love Again (January 27, folks! Let that breath out, you'll live to hear the record!), we're straight-chuffed to announce Jessica's next grape escapes - A) up and down the West Coast of these United States, followed by, B) a sojourn into the welcoming, arts-funding arms of Europe. Pratt-tastic! On Your Own Love Again is that kind of warm, home-recorded brew that's simply blend't to treat your wintertime blues, and any blues you may have thereafter, any time of the year! Acoustic plucks ring against a shadowy backdrop of shifting shimmers with sighing vocal drops falling like slow tears amidst songs that revel and reveal.  As the world salivates for more Pratt-lings and the press continue to pour forth with their folking affirmation, all we can do is prepare LPs and CDs for you to grab at the first available moment (in terms of preordering - that's now)! That, and let you know where in the wide world she'll be playing next, of course! So dig this:

Jessica Pratt in the USA:

2/20/15 Sunset Tavern Seattle WA*

2/21/15 Electric Owl Vancouver Canada*

2/22/15 Doug Fir Lounge Portland OR *

2/23/15 The Barnlight at University of Oregon Eugene OR *

2/25/15 The Chapel San Francisco CA Noise Pop Festival

2/26/15 Catalyst Atrium Santa Cruz CA *

2/27/15 Carpenter House Long Beach CA*

2/28/15 The Echo Los Angeles CA *

*Kevin Morby

And in Europe:

3/17/15 Rote Fabrik (Ziegel oh Lac) Zurich Switzerland

3/18/15 Suedpol Lucerne Switzerland

3/19/15 Hauskonzerte Munich Germany

3/20/15 Jazz Dock Prague Czech Republic

3/21/15 Franz Mehlhose Erfurt Germany

3/24/15 Divan Du Monde Paris France Les Femmes S'en Melênt Festival

3/25/15 Stereolux Nantes France Les Femmes S'en Melênt Festival

3/26/15 Le Botanique Brussels Belgium

3/27/15 Aalhaus Hamburg Germany

3/28/15 Stengade Copenhagen Denmark

3/30/15 Atlas Aarhus Denmark

3/31/15 Grüner Salon Berlin Germany

4/1/15 Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg Germany

4/2/15 Exit 07 Luxembourg Luxembourg

4/4/15 Café Bar Bexhill-On-Sea United Kingdom

4/5/15 The Gate Arts Centre Cardiff United Kingdom Wales Goes Pop! Festival

4/6/15 Mono Cafe Bar Glasgow United Kingdom

4/7/15 Night & Day Cafe Manchester United Kingdom

4/8/15 St. John at Bethnal Green London United Kingdom

4/9/15 Bleach Brighton United Kingdom

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