posted January 20th, 2015

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy continues his endless march to the Singer's Grave with a third single from last fall's classic career highlight, Singer's Grave a Sea of Tongues, in which the same material that had been gathered to build 2011's Wolfroy Goes To Town was used, in a different time and under different circumstances, to make a different record, allowing the songs to impact in new ways upon the singers and the players - and, in time, our listening ears and restless minds.

The personal b-side to "Mindlessness," aptly titled "Blindlessness," is not only a new single but a new video, featuring hallucinatory imagery provided by Kyle Armstrong (Armstrong's 2012 short film MAGNETIC RECONNECTION was narrated by Will Oldham and scored by our comrade Jim O'Rourke)! The visuals elevate Bonny's brooding introspection to a new height as the cascades of light and color illuminate brightly against the backdrop of succoring harmonies. Bonnie is seen blindfolded, safe and detached from his surroundings, yearning for a new reality. The steady and determined strums of his guitar echo as Bonnie sings, "Why can't I take what I have seen and get far away from here." His articulation is poignant and invites us all on an enduring journey of reflection, as vivid images blaze in the background.

If this video for "Blindlessness" doesn't kill you, nothing will! And so the good news is ours - we won't have to live forever - just long enough to check out the new Bonnie 'Prince' Billy single, available to you NOW, boys and girls!

Artists in this story: Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Will Oldham