posted January 30th, 2015

My sweet lord, do we have a discovery for yer heads out there far and wide!  Not long after the resurrection of the singular glam/genius platter intentionally known as Here Am I, a dark and mystic carrion pigeon touched down on our window still.  It flew at the bidding of cult icon/living legend Frederick Michael St. Jude, hipping us to another piece of his late 20th-century Ren-Man puzzle in but two words: GANG WAR.  Whuh?  Yuh! GANG WAR.  Derived from a storm of pure inspiration, this 13-song journey into our (let's face it) bleak future came together quickly when it first struck FM St. Jude in 1982. Based on one song's epic vision, Gang War was a prophecy of destruction that promised great things.

FM St. Jude’s musical conceit for Gang War formed a synthesis of different rock styles then in vogue, played expertly by studio pros capable of generating the sound of the radio in all its forms. Marinated in the reverberations of Rush, ELP, Styx, Journey, Halen, and yes, even the mighty Zep, FM and the band are remarkably supple, providing each mood in their rock opera with a musical style to match it. Atop these divergent sounds FM’s emotes with expert theatricality, evoking the depth of Bowie, Ferry, Plant, Pop, the Ians (Gillian and Hunter) - basically, all the great lead singers of the day. This powerful combination leant itself well to a grim vision of the near future, a time in which chaos and despair and GANGS rule over the country!

Gang War was a prophetic vision of a place that we're only getting to TODAY. In fact, this vision belongs more to now than it does to the early 80s. The age of the warlord is coming again, the era of niche consciousness, the dark internet, of having only very good neighborhoods and very bad ones in our global village. We have to be careful. And how better to trumpet our awareness of this coming time of crime than with the vitriolic rebellion found in all the stadium-rock choruses spread throughout FM St. Jude's masterpiece, Gang War? Gang War drops exclusively into your compact disc players on March 24th! And dead technologies will rise again....

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