posted February 12th, 2015

It's been a little over one week since we shared the first sweet strains of Masaki Batoh's new band, The Silence. "Lemon Iro No Cannabis" is a drug that keeps on drugging all the heads who can't get enough - folks like you and we, who never want The Silence to end! If it hasn't sunk in yet, the sounds of The Silence were captured in a 100% analog fashion - from recording to mixing to mastering, not a single digital element was used, abused, or even consulted (until we shared the track with you, sob!)! So it shouldn't surprise that The Silence listens like a timeless vintage, like something to put on your platter when you're in the mood for that rare record of exquisite warmth, the one with the ability to envelop all the dimensions of your mind, body and spirit. Even though The Silence isn't officially out until March 24th, the band are building a legion of followers, as evidenced by the fan mail pouring into our (all-analog) mailbox!

Here's a remarkable example, from the multicolored pencils of the mysterious Mayuri of Tokyo! “The Story of The Silence” tells a tale that we expect to come true this year: The Silence traverse the (known) Earth, arriving in the USA to blow away all those who've been jonesin’ for the live heroics of Batoh and Co. since the last Ghost trip over here.  Until then, bask with us in the glory of this tale from a young fan. Thank you Mayuri! Everybody please, stay tuned in to the sounds of The Silence!

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