posted March 6th, 2015

Life's an amazing bitch, no matter what eyes we see her through. Sometimes, we look at the fence and it's greener than the other side. Sometimes it is so bleak, we see a darkness that sucks all the rays of the sun into the whole of night. It doesn't really matter much what eyes we're looking through; in the end, it's a White Fence that lights our world. Just this past January, White Fence blazed past the crown heads of the British Empire and on across the European continent,  playing the hits off For The Recently Found Innocent and more from the chestnut sack ("Chairs In the Dark"!). A good flight, that! And now what - back to the drawing board? Always. But also, the need to express more vibeage back here in the states. Clubs, festivals, back alleys, out houses - all will be transformed by Tim Presley's particular brand of chemicals. Get up with it, White Fence are back in the USA and ready to play - coming near you, if you're near one of the following cities. C'mon, jump with the Fence!

3/28/15     The Echo     Los Angeles     CA        
3/29/15     Burgerama     Santa Ana     CA        
3/31/15     Refuge Church     Santa Rosa     CA        
5/8/15     Austin Psych Fest presents Levitation     Austin     TX        
5/9/15     Austin Psych Fest presents Levitation     Austin     TX        
5/10/15     Austin Psych Fest presents Levitation     Austin     TX        
5/18/15     Loma Vista Gardens     Big Sur     CA        
5/24/15     Neon Desert     El Paso     TX    

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