posted March 20th, 2015

Spring Break! Speak, bum - what is it about the changing seasons that entice you (us) to cut lewse and get McBombed to such ex(suc)cess? Dunno for sure, but if you're like us and you're either coming back from or about to indulge in a little R(ock) n' R(ole), it begins and ends with live fucking (and) music! So (sh)let's take a quick gander at the incredible shows Drag City artists are playing around the globe this weekend, shall we? As was ever thus, Saturday will be the ultimate all-day experience for party enthusiasts. If only travel was as cheap and efficient as some of today's soci(sexu)al lubricants! Then we'd be able to criss-cross the globe in a night of might to satisfy our many musical minds.

Cuz see, over in Europe, Jessica Pratt will be smack da(m)b in the middle of Germany, guitar in one hand and pil(l)s in the other, playing in Erfurt on Saturday. Up north, Purling Hiss s(ch)wing the hammer in Brighton, UK, a pint in both hands. While playing (!). Back here in the states, OM are se(n)t to detonate the odd(inary) industry throng at SXSW while up in Madtown WI, Dead Rider slice some cheese heads, and back across the Atlantic, Alasdair Roberts continues his journey of selfhood across the UK in the quie(n)t town of Berwick-upon-Tweed. Amazingly, this's just the tip of the iceberg for March - enjoy(n) the madness! DC-types, seekers of musical indulgence, babies! The rest of your life begins now, and these shows are merely your baby steps! After seeing and hearing what goes on, you can find out what the rest of your life will look like by visiting our tours page, RTF now!

3/21/15 Dead Rider @ Frequency Madison WI
3/21/15 Alasdair Roberts @ The Maltings Theatre and Cinema Berwick-upon-Tweed United Kingdom
3/21/15 Jessica Pratt @ Franz Mehlhose Erfurt Germany
3/21/15 Purling Hiss  @ Bleach Brighton United Kingdom
3/21/15 OM @ The Gypsy Austin TX Converse and Thrasher Mag SXSW Death Match

3/22/15 Jessica Pratt @ Off Kultur House Nancy France
3/22/15 Purling Hiss @ The Oobleck Birmingham United Kingdom

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