posted April 24th, 2015

Something Shines is still fresh on everybody's turntable, it's pop sensibilities enmeshed with over- and under-tones of love, politics, and the nature of being. Laetitia Sadier delivers melody with such effortless tranquility, the subject, regardless of poignancy, is scrumptiously digestible and fit for any snack or meal. As ever, excessive spins lead to longing for live engagement,  so why shouldn't the Something Shines tour continue? While America cries for more Laetitia live dates (only one provided in recent memory - satiating the locals of Minneapolis), Europe continues to get the lion's share - what luck, indeed, for those privileged enough to reside in the cities below? Laetitia Sadier delivers wherever she's on, and with a band behind her, we can only imagine the full, forcefulness of it all. For those with more than an imagination and a couple bucks in their back pocket, you've the opportunity to live the good life for the rest of us - be it in a club or a house show, Sadier Shines, always. Behold, the Laetitia Sadier Summer Tour is upon us!

5/31/15 Grims Marseille France

6/2/15 L'Espace B ParisFrance

6/3/15 Butcher's Tears Amsterdam Netherlands

6/4/15 Feinkost Lampe Hannover Germany

6/5/15 Merlin Stuttgart Germany

6/6/15 Musikbunker Aachen Germany

6/8/15 Houseshow (free event) Dijon France For reservations -

6/11/15 Ex Cinema Aurora Livorno Italy

6/13/15 Rocca Malatestiana Cesena Italy

7/8/15 Worldwide Festival Sete France

7/23/15 The Others (Warehouse) London United Kingdom

7/24/15 The Trades Club Hebden Bridge United Kingdom

7/25/15 The Cumberland Arms Newcastle United Kingdom

7/26/15 Indietracks Festival, Midland Railway Centre Ripley United Kingdom


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